Campus Health & Safety Guidelines

Campus Procedures

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    Parents are required to take their student’s temperature at home and perform a Daily Self Assessment on their student prior to arriving on campus. The form will not be collected at school and wellness screenings will no longer be entered using the SchoolPass app; however, this daily assessment is an important step in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in our community. If you identify any symptoms of COVID-19 or possible exposure, please keep your child home and contact Karen Hurst for next steps. 

    The Pegasus School reserves the right to check a student’s temperature during the school day as deemed necessary (with a non-contact thermal thermometer or ear thermometer) and may also do random temperature checks. The Pegasus School recognizes a temperature of 100°F or greater as a fever, requiring the student to stay at home. There is a mandatory rule to stay out of school for 24 hours after the fever breaks, without the aid of fever-reducing medication. 

    If your child does not feel well, and/or is showing signs of fever, cough, shortness of breath or other signs of illness or COVID-19, please keep him/her home. This is the best defense against the spread of COVID-19, as well as many other contagious diseases, including influenza.

    All students who ride the bus on a particular morning must be pre-screened at home using the Daily Self Assessment. Bus monitors will carry antiseptic wipes and a first aid kit on the bus. Eating and drinking on the bus will not be allowed. 

    The bus monitor reserves the right to refuse entry to the bus for any student who exhibits any of the following symptoms:
    • a fever of 100°F or more
    • doesn’t look well
    • coughing excessively 
    • complains of not feeling well

    The parent or guardian who drops the student off at the bus stop is required to wait until the child has been admitted to the bus before leaving the parking lot.

    The Pegasus School’s approach to the use of face coverings is consistent with both The California Department of Public Health and Orange County Health Care Agency’s recommendations regarding the use of face coverings outside the home. We seek to balance the need for effective teaching and learning with the safety of our students and employees.

    Currently the California Department of Public Health guidance mandates a face covering is to be worn at all times when indoors at school.

    • At Pegasus, all students and employees will wear cloth face coverings when indoors on campus and while riding the bus. 
      • Masks are optional for all individuals outdoors
    • Students in Pre-K– Grade 8 will be required to wear cloth face coverings throughout the day indoors
      • Teachers will monitor students in these grades and allow guided mask breaks, as needed.
      • Pre-Kindergarten students will not wear face coverings or face shields during nap/rest time, but will be spaced to prevent close contact with other students.
      • When necessary for pedagogical or developmental reasons, teachers may periodically wear a face shield in the classroom, while maintaining 6-feet of distance from students.

    The following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided on campus, so that all students, faculty and staff can practice optimal healthy hygiene practices:

    • Hand sanitizing dispensers
    • Hand washing stations
    • Cloth face coverings and/or face shields for employees
    • Splash-proof goggles and gloves (for science classrooms)
    • Masks for students with fever or cough who are waiting for a parent pick up from school.
    • Gloves, when needed, for clean up of bodily fluids or for general cleaning. Gloves will not be routinely worn, in favor of more frequent handwashing.

    Our team has developed campus arrival and dismissal protocols that will enhance the safety of all community members as they arrive and depart campus each day. Please note the following:

    • Arrival times are staggered in alignment with school start times, however the same arrival time will be given to all students within a family.
    • Students may enter the campus through multiple entrances depending on their grade and that of any sibling(s). Entrances are assigned by grade/group. See chart below. 

    AM Extended Day All Grades 
    Pre-K Gate to Outdoor Classroom
    Pre-K Gate to Outdoor Classroom
    Advancement Gate 
    Older Siblings of Pre-K/K Students
    Advancement Gate 
    Bus Riders
    Advancement Gate 
    1st-8th Grade (without Pre-K/K siblings)
    Rolling Gate

    Late Student Arrivals
    If your child will be arriving more than 10 minutes past his/her school start time, please call the front office at 714-964-1224 to coordinate the student's arrival. Please complete your child’s health screening prior to bringing your child to the office. Parents will drop student(s) off at the front office door without entering the front office (Staff will escort pre-K– Grade 1 students to class)

    Dismissal/ Departures 
    • Dismissal times are staggered by grade, however the same pickup time is given to all students within a family (see chart below). Families will have flexibility to update individual children’s pick up time within the SchoolPass parent app.
    • Carpool: Carpool groups are based on the dismissal time of a family’s oldest sibling.
    • Early Pickup: Please contact the front office at 714-964-1224 if you need to schedule a pick up before your child’s scheduled dismissal due to a special circumstance, medical appointment, etc.

    *Arrive Between
    Pre-K - 2n Grade
    8:00 to 8:30 AM
    2:40 PM
    3rd - 5th Grade
    8:00 to 8:15 AM
    3:05 PM
    6th - 8th Grade
    7:45 to 8:00 AM
    3:25 PM
    *Note: The arrival and carpool times for your entire family matches the grade of your oldest child.

    At this time, a limited number of visitors and volunteers will be allowed on campus, with prior approval from the school administration or a faculty member with a regularly scheduled volunteer program. Parents will not be allowed on campus, outside of volunteering, unless they are attending a special event. 


    Student assemblies, special performances, school-wide parent meetings and spirit nights, will be planned on campus, as possible. We will follow local guidelines when planning activities on campus.

    AM Extended Day will be offered each day beginning at 7:00 a.m. Students will be indoors.

    Our cleaning protocols are essential to providing safe, in-person instruction on campus. To this end, we are continuing regular cleaning and disinfecting as recommended by CDPH School Guidance, and continuing to ensure proper ventilation.
    1. Good hygiene posters will be placed in classrooms and bathrooms. Faculty will actively ensure that students are washing their hands following use of the restrooms, before and after snack or lunch, and as needed throughout the day.
    2. Teachers and staff will disinfect surfaces between uses, using EPA-approved disinfectant spray. Surfaces include: 
      1. Desks and tables 
      2. Chairs 
      3. Electronic Equipment (ie keyboards, phones, headsets, copy machines)
      4. Toys, games, art supplies, instructional materials
      5. Light switches
      6. Door knobs
      7. Faucets
    3. When feasible, windows and doors should remain open, to allow for greater airflow into the classroom/office. All air conditioning units filter outside air and are not recirculating indoor air.If the air conditioning is on, the doors and windows should be closed, except for at the beginning and the end of the day and perhaps during a passing period when students may be entering or leaving the classroom.
    4. New semi permanent (hot/cold) handwashing stations have been installed on campus for use by employees and students. Drinking fountains have been replaced with sinks. Bottle-fillers will remain installed.  
    5. Gloves and masks will be worn when cleaning with disinfectant.
    Cleaning Supplies --
    1. Maintenance will provide each classroom/teaching space adequate facilities for handwashing and trash disposal and supply soap, sanitizer with at least 60% isopropyl alcohol, facial tissue and disposable wipes.
    2. Facilities will provide each office space trash disposal, sanitizer with at least 60% isopropyl alcohol, facial tissue and spray disinfectant.
    3. Facilities will ensure that all bathrooms are adequately stocked with paper towels, soap and/or hand sanitizer.
    4. Air conditioning filters are replaced on a regular basis.

    • Handwashing is intentionally built into the classroom schedule
    • Permanent handwashing stations are located on campus in where drinking fountains once were located
    • Portable handwashing stations have been placed around campus
    • Sanitizer dispensers are placed around campus
    • Students will be reminded to not touch their faces
    • Students will be reminded to not touch the front of their face coverings
    • Students will be reminded not to share food and/or utensils 

    • Restrooms will be cleaned frequently throughout the day to ensure a health, safe environment for all community members

    • Windows and doors will be open as much as possible, unless the air conditioning is running.
    • Doors will be open at the beginning and end of every class period to limit the number of hands touching the doorknobs.
    • A significant investment has been made in our ventilation system. Air scrubbers have been installed in the HVAC units. This will elevate the air purification level of the filter from a MERV 4 to a MERV 13, which is recommended by the CDC.

    Should you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, please contact Karen Hurst

Reporting Requirement

All community members are required to notify the School Nurse if they, or a family member with whom they live, or a person with whom they have had close contact, tests positive for COVID-19. If a community member develops symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or is self-isolating due to suspected or known exposure to COVID-19, he/she is required to notify the School Nurse.

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