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    We are pleased that updated school guidance now allows for greater capacity on our school buses. While we must still take extra precautions, bus capacity has been increased to a maximum of 54 students per bus, allowing for two students per seat in each row. Following are our health and safety procedures for this year. 

    Prior to Arrival
    • All buses will be cleaned and sanitized prior to students boarding the bus. 
    • Families must complete the Daily Self Assessment with their students prior to arriving at the bus stop. This will not be collected, but it is an important screening tool that should be used each day. 
      • At the bus stop, the bus monitor will assess students’ wellness and reserve the right to check students’ temperatures with a non-contact thermometer prior to bus boarding, if needed. 
      • Parents may not leave students unattended at the bus stop and may not leave the parking lot prior to their student being admitted to the bus.
    • Bus drivers and monitors will be wearing face coverings and bus monitors will carry hand sanitizer.
    • Bus monitors will ensure that the bus has windows open prior to departure (except when raining) to promote adequate airflow throughout the bus.
    • When necessary, students will store their backpacks under the bus in storage areas. Bus monitors will assist students with stowing and retrieving them. 

    Bus Seating
    • Students will be seated two children per seat. Siblings are not required to sit next to each other but may do so if they wish.
      • The bus will board the rear seats first, then moving forward and students will disembark beginning with the front rows.

    Expectations while Riding
    • Eating and drinking are not permitted on the bus
    • Students will wear cloth face coverings while riding the bus
    • Students will remain seated at all times 
    • There will be no sharing of devices, phones, etc. on the bus

    Arrival at Pegasus Procedures
    • Students will unload the bus from front to back, one at a time as prompted by the monitor
    • In the morning, all bus riders will proceed from the bus to the Advancement gate as their campus entry point, regardless of grade

    Dismissal/Bus Route Changes
    Bus Routes are chosen at registration and students will be assigned to a bus based on this information
    • Alternating Between Bus Routes: Alternating between routes is not permitted due to the increase in contact with other groups of students and for contract tracing purposes should a positive case of COVID-19 occur on campus.
      • If a change is needed, families should contact Stephanie Kyle, Director of Auxiliary Programs.
      • Changes will only be allowed if there is capacity on the requested bus route
    • Bus capacity will be monitored and capped. 
      • Only those students registered for the bus will be permitted to ride. “Occasional Use” riders will not be permitted at this time.

    Sapphire lunches will be available on a pre-order basis only. The teacher/teaching assistant will pick up lunches directly from the kitchen and deliver them to the classroom. We will, however, be offering walk up service for our middle school students during break. There will be two service sites for students. One will be located near the outdoor dining area and the other will be a stand located in our Horowitz Family Quad.

    All students will eat lunch outdoors.

      The school is returning to full in person instruction; however, the school has made significant investment in professional development for teachers and technology tools to support hybrid learning options and blended learning models. As such, Pegasus is flexible enough to provide instruction remotely if and when needed and at the discretion of our Administration. All students will be trained by our teachers to access remote instruction to prepare for ever changing circumstances. We support the health and wellness of all of our community members and will do our best to accommodate the unique needs of individual students and employees within the parameters of health department safety guidelines and per our school policies. If you believe your child has been exposed to COVID-19 or if your child has positive test results, please notify the school nurse and your child’s Division Director as soon as possible: 

      Karen Hurst, School Nurse
      Jen Green, Lower School Director
      James Swiger, Middle School School Director

      We are aware that feelings of anxiety around school and wellness can be heightened during a pandemic, especially after some students have been at home for lengthy periods of time. The Pegasus School is committed to the social-emotional well being of our students and families. Please contact our incredibly supportive staff who can provide guidance or direct you to other health professionals who can support your family:

      Our Educational Psychologist is available to students and families as needed, with the following conditions:
      • Private or semi-private sessions with a small group of students can be held safely in her office.
      • Hand sanitizer will be used before and after the session.
      • Students will continue to be able to self-refer.
      • Parents will be asked to call or email for an appointment. Dr. Englar-Carlson will determine if the meeting can be held via telephone, zoom or in-person.
      • Regular cleaning procedures will be in place.

      The School Counselor, is available to students and families as needed, with the following conditions:
      • Private meetings with one student at a time can be held safely in her office.
      • Students should wear masks, consistent with current County and CDPH guidance.
      • Hand sanitizer will be used before and after the session.
      • Students will continue to be able to self-refer to our school counselor.
      • Parents will need to call or email for an appointment, no parent drop-ins will be accommodated.
      • Parents can call or email for an appointment and will decide with our school counselor whether it will be a phone call, zoom meeting or in-person session.
      • Parents can refer their students to our school counselor.
      • Regular cleaning procedures will be in place.

      The CDC recommends the following website for families to find more help if needed.

    Reporting Requirement

    All community members are required to notify the School Nurse if they, or a family member with whom they live, or a person with whom they have had close contact, tests positive for COVID-19. If a community member develops symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or is self-isolating due to suspected or known exposure to COVID-19, he/she is required to notify the School Nurse.

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